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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Try this:

Locate and use a highly rated lump like Ozark Oak. Start it in a chimney by a method other than lighter fluid no wood chips. Deposit burning premium lump into fire bowl and allow the kamado to warm up and grill yourself a nice porterhouse medium rare to medium . Leave the top vent wide farkn open and control the fire by nearly shutting down
The bottom vent. Enjoy the steak-notice any off flavors??

Yes- Houston you've got a problem
No- please proceed

In an old stainless cupcake tin insert your favorite meat loaf recipe.
Place offset in Kamado or with diffuser (my primo does both)
Insert meatloaf cupcakes and cook to desired doneness. Taste anything acrid or bad?? Yes- well you've got a problem. No?? Enjoy the meatloaf. I don't soak wood and I use chunks-2 at the very most about the size of a medium lemon without bark. Preferably pecan, followed by hickory-never mezkeet.

I'm tired of tapping and used "I" way to much. Peace.
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