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Bitter,sharp,stinging,irritating describe creosote imo. Each time I have talked about creosote in the past,the majority pooh pooh the thought. I don't think you got it from the charcoal since you are obivously fimilar with using it. That leaves the chunks and chips. Pecan sometimes results in creosote if it's soaked in water or used with bark on. I believe a few cooking grimilins ( wood,tempature fluxation and a dash of crumy luck) conspired against you that day. I suggest A. stay with one fuel until you figure out your new cooker. B. Use different batch of chips and/or chunks for the next cook to see if there is a difference. C. Thougherly clean the cooker then do a dry run burn before putting more meat in it. The previous owner might have burned something strange in it. Good luck,I feel your pain mate.
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