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Originally Posted by YankeeBBQ View Post
Even this rule could be picked apart. " Separation of muscles before cooking is complete is prohibited." Ok so in my opinion as a cook the cooking of my butt is complete. I separate the muscles and pull into chunks or shred it however I want. So now I want to set my sauce or just bring my pork up to temp before turning in. What in this rule prohibits that ? And why would you want to prohibit that ? I can do it with every other category. Am I a bad cook or just one that wants to turn in the best product I possibly can to the judges ? I don't want to grill it, microwave it or boil it in sauce, I just want to turn in nice hot pork to the judges. What's so wrong about that ?
Fine. Here's your no wiggle room pork rule:
Legal pork shall consist of IMPS shoulder #403 and it's derivatives ( 403B, 403C, 404, 406, 406B, 406C, and 407) where the animal has been broken no further rostral than Cervical vertebra C3 and no further caudal than thoracic vertebra T1 (the first rostral rib). Pork must have a minimum raw post trim weight of 5 pounds. Pork must be cooked whole and intact. Butterflying, fileting,or separating (defined at cutting out a specific muscle and leaving a minimal attachment to other muscle groups) muscles prior to or during the cook is prohibited (Caution; while boneless butts / roasts are allowed, they are subject to the same parting and trimming standards as bone in products.) . Once the pork is removed from the cooker and any portion of the pork is cut, sliced, pulled or removed no part of the pork may be returned to the cooker until after the pork turn in window closes.

It preserves the original spirit of pork bbq, is clear and enforceable.

Originally Posted by YankeeBBQ View Post
Any bbq restaurant you go to holds their pulled pork in some type of warmer, they don't just pull it and leave it sitting on the counter. If you went to a restaurant and got cold pork I'm sure you wouldn't be very pleased. I've heard people say judges shouldn't mark down if it's cold. Why not ? It shouldn't be cold.
I'm sorry but I find this line of reasoning disingenuous at best. We all know that from turn in table to renumbering to tray sorting to judge's table to appearance judging, piece selection and finally sampling and judging it's going to be a lukewarm sample at best. This applies to all turn ins, not just pork. There just isn't enough thermal mass in each sample piece to retain the heat.
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