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You are absolutely correct. Research the pork rule and it various changes. Each change looks like an attempt to refocus the cooks back to the spirit of the rule as cooks became more creative in trimming.

Pork shall be the whole shoulder or one of the two halves (Picnic or Butt), bone-in or deboned, having a minimum weight of 5 pounds after trimming. Deboned pork has to be tied in a manor to resemble the bone in product. Separation of muscles before cooking is complete is prohibited.

The above rule returns to the original intent.
Having a minimum weight after trimming would eliminate trimming a 5 pound butt to just the money muscle.
Deboned pork would have to be tied.
Prohibiting any “separation of the muscles before cooking is complete” would eliminate the creative trimming being done were the muscle groups are separated from each other but still attached by a sliver of the fat cap with the MM tied together and tethered to the blade portion. This also prohibits the cook in returning any portion of the pork to the cooker after separation.

Separation is a better word to use than “parting”. Separate means: not touching, not together; not in the same place.
Even this rule could be picked apart. " Separation of muscles before cooking is complete is prohibited." Ok so in my opinion as a cook the cooking of my butt is complete. I separate the muscles and pull into chunks or shred it however I want. So now I want to set my sauce or just bring my pork up to temp before turning in. What in this rule prohibits that ? And why would you want to prohibit that ? I can do it with every other category. Am I a bad cook or just one that wants to turn in the best product I possibly can to the judges ? I don't want to grill it, microwave it or boil it in sauce, I just want to turn in nice hot pork to the judges. What's so wrong about that ?

Any bbq restaurant you go to holds their pulled pork in some type of warmer, they don't just pull it and leave it sitting on the counter. If you went to a restaurant and got cold pork I'm sure you wouldn't be very pleased. I've heard people say judges shouldn't mark down if it's cold. Why not ? It shouldn't be cold.
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