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Originally Posted by ajstrider View Post
Looks good, I haven't seen nearly as many Akorn posts as I used to. I was wondering if the love for them had died down after owning them a while!
Thank you! I love my Akorn, it's my first kamado & so glad to have gotten the experience with it, it's also how I found this site through the Akorn Mega-thread off google.

Originally Posted by ebijack View Post
If you check JM's kamado site you find a lot of folks who still love em. I own one but prefer my UDS. They are a great grill/smoker, some deal with maintaining low temps, I just did some simple fixes and now I can control the temps easily, just like the UDS. I mostly use mine for searing burgers/steaks or extra smoking room when required.

Nice lookin burgers/fries
Pretty much, & thanks.

Originally Posted by Hankdad1 View Post
Nope, we're just too busy cooking on them.
This man speaks truff

Originally Posted by bbqgeekess View Post
I got a plate just like your's: the square japanese/mexican looking one :) I bought it from walmart because I wanted some cool serving plates for various food.
Heh, those are the GF's, she has a whole set of bowls & plates, I have really gotten used to em now but always affraid I'll break one.
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