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Originally Posted by SmokinOkie View Post
Here are my thoughts about "injecting" vs Brining. Obviously, since I wrote the book on brining about 15 years ago (OMG, really that long?) I like the brine. Link to Brining and Turkey 101 are in my signature.

My issue with injections is one of science. Well actually viscosity. think injections tend to just sit in the one spot. Depending on the injection and length of time, all you will do is flavor the spot of the injection. With a LOT of practice you can spread it out somewhat, but you will have a bunch of track marks in the bird.

I'm a big fan of "go ahead an try it". We settled on brining vs injecting years ago in a side by side taste test. And SO many of the commercial injections are water and salt, that you can get some of the benefits of brining, but like brining, let them sit 12 to 24 hours (or more) for the injection to have time to spread
That's pretty much what I was saying above(below), but you worded it much better I think.

Originally Posted by Wampus View Post
Oh there's different schools of thought on that. Some suggest that injecting INSTEAD of brining is the way to go. A lot of flavor can be added with an injection for sure. Personally, I think that since brining acts on a cellular level, you can get a more complete, evenly distributed flavor with a brine vs injection where you have different "pockets" of injection in and among the meat fibers. I think that once both are cooked, one would be hard pressed to really tell a difference though.
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