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Originally Posted by Smokin' Deal View Post
Same here!
And how did you do the handles?
He sent this to me in a PM i hope he don't mined if i post it.

For the damper, I got a sheet of steel at HomeDepot and cut it to the inner dimension of the exhaust. Then I got some 1/2 inch round bar (steel) and fit it to the stack width, with a little hanging out the back for a screw (to add tension so it won't rotate unless I move it). I turned both ends down and threaded them for stop nuts. Then I heated it with a torch and bent it 90 degrees. I should tell you that I have a friend with a mill, and we milled a flat spot on the bar for the plate to rest flat. I don't think it's necessary, but it did help. I drilled holes in the stack (looking at the bigger Jambos, I may have put it too low... dont' know yet if it matters) and slid the bar stock in, set the plate on it and marked the rod to drill the screw holes. I was going to tack weld it in place but my friend strongly suggested I screw it in, so when I pulled the bar out, I drilled and tapped it for 2 #6 screws. I hate tapping, but it worked in this instance. Frankly, I think you could also secure it with JB weld, since there is no force on it. One other thing I did is braise a steel washer on the tube where it buts up against the front of the stack. The plan is to but the washer to the front and on the back have a nut that tightens a spring to add the tension. Finally, at the bottom of the bar (where i had bent it down 90*) I added one more washer (braised into place) and a spring handle.
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