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Originally Posted by Rookie'48 View Post
The KCBS Board of Directors ( and the Rules Committee ( are willing, even glad, to hear their members' thoughts on rules changes.

Last year at the Open Rules meeting not one person there spoke up in favor of keeping the parting rule. Out of all of the e-mail responses to the Rules Committee regarding the pork rule not one stated that they were in favor of keeping it the way it was. Each and every member who mentioned the pork parting rule said to ditch it.

So - loaded with that information from the members - I proposed, and the BoD passed, a new pork rule. After a little tweaking Jeff re-submitted the proposed rule and it was passed by the Board. Jeff has now asked that the Board give their final approval to the rules changes for the 2014 BBQ season. That motion failed .
Originally Posted by Rich Parker View Post
From what I was told there were under 50 people there. Even if all were cooks that is a very low percentage to our registered team count. Especially to be making assumptions that is how the majority feels.

I do not want to see KCBS change rules just to reduce the skillsets needed to cook pork or any meat.
Originally Posted by BMerrill View Post
From what you said, the new rule should read like this.

Pork shall come from the shoulder.
Okay, that's a good START!

The next (and most important) step is to send those thoughts to KCBS. All of the ranting and raving on a forum doesn't get your thoughts to the BoD, contacting the Board or the Rules Committee will.

And as far as how many members were present at the meeting in January: Those were the only ones that we heard from! Where were the concerns/thoughts from anyone else? If every one of the members who responded felt one way how is the Board supposed to know what the rest of the membership thought if they didn't make their views known???

That's why there was the ad in the BullSheet and the e-blast asking for input on rules for the 2014 season. If no one lets the Board know what they think how are the Board members supposed to figure that out?

The same goes for any and all things that come before the Board. Is there a disciplinary issue coming up? Let us know how you feel. Is there a problem with a certain Contest Rep? Let us know how you feel. Do you have some thoughts on a better way to do something? Let us know how you feel. Is there something in the KCBS Rules that you think could be better? Let us know how you feel.

Don't sit there and wonder how the Board is going to handle something - let us know how you feel. It's YOUR organization. We were elected to serve YOU - the members. Let us know how YOU feel!
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