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Originally Posted by Podge View Post
If I can cook separately, you damn well bet for sure I'll be developing ways to only cook 2 butts instead of 4!!.. All on the smoker, all low and slow, so don't try to kick my a$$ for 'grilling'.. Every time we pull butts after turn in, it's so damn tough on the muscles we don't cook, it's just a waste of not making an entire, good quality pork. If it wasn't for my wife, I'd just throw them shoe soles in the trash.

This is how I feel about the rule. Like many, we cook 2 butts for MM (which the rest is trashed) and 2 butts for pulled, chunks, etc. I don't like to waste food but I'm not going to risk being DQ'd just to satisfy my own desire to not waste. It doesn't give me any advantage finishing the rest of the butts so why not allow it?
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