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Originally Posted by ShencoSmoke View Post
Thinking out loud here....has there been any discussion about limiting teams to only cooking 2 butts (and a simple "5 lb min, has to be from the shoulder rule")? That way everyone is on the same playing field and the MM harvesting issue goes away. You simply cook 2 butts and turn in the best parts, whatever that may be. Only challenge would be how to handle when teams cook extra meat for people choice, there would be no way to separate the KCBS meat from PC meat.
Everyone would still be cooking one for MM and one for pulled/chunks. If you limit it to one, you would see less MM turned in and it would be lower quality. I'm not sure that is a positive.

The only real difference if parting is allowed is that people will cook fewer butts. For all the talk of grilled MM or pork sausage, all you will see is the same boxes turned in and less pork in the trash.
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