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Here's a few more pizza tips that are worth mentioning.

If you have a stone and a high temp setup (450+) resisit any temptation to precook your sauce. With a hot oven and stone a very thin sauce will cook a lot in just a few minutes even under toppings. If you precook the sauce you'll get something verymuch the consistency of tomato paste or even drier. Traditional pizza joint sauce is usually just raw crushed tomatoes with herbs and garlic. I use canned (jarred) commercial pasta sauce and it works well, some brands can benefit from a little added water. A little parm or romano sprinkled over the sauce is a really nice touch.

Cool pizzas on a rack. I set one of the racks from the oven on some cans on the counter. If you cool the pizza on a cutting board or on the counter, condensation develops betweent the crust and the surface it's sitting on and makes the nice crispy crunchy crust you've worked to get soggy. Cool for 5-7 minutes depending on size of the pie and the toppings won't try to migrate off the ends of the slices as bad.

Don't use too much cheese, and there are lots of cheeses that are good on pizza besides mozzerella. I use mozz but always with some other stuff to go with it. A little colby or cheddar will help the top brown up and gives great flavor. Pepperjack (especially sargento's new jack with jap & habs) is awesome on smoked chicken pizza.
When possible shred your own cheese or use slices. Pre-shredded cheese has been dusted with a flour mixture (to prevent shreds from sticking) that gums up the cheese and changes the taste some too.

KC: Now thats a farkin recipe. I will be heading to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a kitchen scale a little later and digging out the old KA tonite. Outstanding detail. I cant wait until tommorrow night. Thanks.
Hope it works as well for you as it has for me!! I owed you a recipe anyway. I printed up you jambalya recipe the other day and plan on giving it a try. I love the stuff but have never tried a traditional recipe without tomatoes.
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