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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Thanks for all your help. I used Royal Oak this pass weekend doing ribs and found it took about 3 hours to stabilize the temperature. I do 250 for slow and 275 for rib's and chicken. The Royal Oak bags are about 80% small pieces to very little pieces and with a few tennis ball size chunks. I can pack an 18" WSM with Kingsford and get a 16 hour run so that's were my question started. My 22.5 WSM is what I used for the first try w/ Royal Oak. I also use a BBQ Guru DX2 and/or Party Q which is worth there weight in gold for WSM's. I'm doing a Backyard event near San Diego, Ca in December and trying to get ready for it. My ribs this weekend, according to my guest, about 20, turned out terrific (and they were not drinking). Normally I can stabilize a WSM in less that an hour. I am going to try again this coming weekend.
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