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Originally Posted by LanceM88 View Post
How do you guys light your chimney? Newspaper, cubes, torch??? I had an electric element and it lasted like 2 times before it melted. lol Probably should have been paying better attention.
I use SureStart fire starter squares--I cut one in half, space them out a little on the grill of my smoker (which I have removed from the firepan-holder bottom, and set on the fireproof tiles of my smoker "platform"), light each, set the chimney over them, then give the chimney a quarter turn in 5 minutes or so...lights the charcoal quickly and quite evenly. (But one whole square in the center works well too.)

A large box of 144 is $20.76 on Amazon--about 15 cents a light, which seems cheap to me, but someone else may have gotten a better deal on their starters.
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