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Originally Posted by IamMadMan View Post
Being you are using game meat, I would highly suggest the use of Cure #1, especially so if you are considering grinding the meat. The curing agent will prevent any food-borne illnesses from the cold smoking process.

There are many commercial jerky mixes (IE: Hi-Mountian) that have a curing agent. Adding your own ingredients like Worcestershire or Soy Sauce, garlic powder, or red pepper.

I lightly freeze the meat and then slice at 1/8" on the meat slicer and set in 2 lb piles. Soak a few stacks in separate bags overnight, set on racks and dry until tacky. I then cold smoke for 2 hours using only an A-Maze-N Pellet smoker before turning the heat up to 110 to slowly dry the final product. I use whatever pellets on hand Apple/Cherry/Hickory and sometimes mixtures.

The other packages I keep refrigerated or frozen until time permits adding the curing liquid mixture 1 day before drying and smoking.

Cool each batch to room temperature after you have dried it out and Vac-seal into useable package sizes and distribute.

This. Having a meat slicer (deli slicer) helps tremendously. Seriously, if you can beg one off a friend/bar/business that you frequent you will have much, much better results than trying to cut slices by hand (also it is a huge pain in the arse to do so). Your slices will all be the same thickness and you won't have to monitor your cooker as much. You can bone out (if this is not already done) all the hindquarter roasts whole and slice them up in no time.

As an aside, if you make jerky out of your backstraps it is a crime in most states.

If you don't have cure #1 use Morton's Tender Quick in its stead. You can find it in your spice aisle of your grocery store. It has nitrate and nitrate in it.

I soak mine in my brine for two days then cold smoke until dried. Seems to work well. People eat em like potato chips.
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