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Originally Posted by tony69 View Post
I have been put in charge of doing a whole bunch of venison into jerky. I have a Masterbuilt electric smoker & a 22'' Weber kettle. I plan on using the MB because I'm broke & can control my temps better. Just wanted to see what some of have used & could use any advice. We don't have a jerky gun so I was thing of just cutting a ton of medallions but we do have a grinder so I could use that too. Any ideas on anything would be appreciated(wood, spices, marinades, etc.) I think I have oak, maple, cherry, hickory & mesquite chips.
Being you are using game meat, I would highly suggest the use of Cure #1, especially so if you are considering grinding the meat. The curing agent will prevent any food-borne illnesses from the cold smoking process.

There are many commercial jerky mixes (IE: Hi-Mountian) that have a curing agent. Adding your own ingredients like Worcestershire or Soy Sauce, garlic powder, or red pepper.

I lightly freeze the meat and then slice at 1/8" on the meat slicer and set in 2 lb piles. Soak a few stacks in separate bags overnight, set on racks and dry until tacky. I then cold smoke for 2 hours using only an A-Maze-N Pellet smoker before turning the heat up to 110 to slowly dry the final product. I use whatever pellets on hand Apple/Cherry/Hickory and sometimes mixtures.

The other packages I keep refrigerated or frozen until time permits adding the curing liquid mixture 1 day before drying and smoking.

Cool each batch to room temperature after you have dried it out and Vac-seal into useable package sizes and distribute.
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