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Originally Posted by BMerrill View Post
I propose the following motion for consideration:

Pork is defined as the Whole Shoulder or one of the two major portions thereof commonly know as the Boston Butt (upper half), or the Picnic roast (lower half), but no others.
After trimming, pork must have a minimum weight of five (5) pounds and can be bone-in or boneless.
If boneless, the meat must be tied together with butchers twine or similar means to the original rectangular shape before the bone was removed.
Pork must be cooked until done with all muscle groups completely intact or bound together.
Once separated, no portion thereof can be left on or returned to the cooker for any reason, including for reheating.
You are getting TOO specific and eliminating a fair cooking technique. As long as it is not seperated or returned to the cooker in an unwhole state, I believe it should be fair game. making cooks use Twine and tying up the meat is a little overboard brother
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