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Originally Posted by Wampus View Post
Here's my opinion on enhanced turkeys:
The "enhancement" is usually a salty brine solution that's added. The packaging may say "up to 8%" or "up to3.5%". So, there's a big variable as to how much they injected and of what.
Let's say that brining adds a total of 10% "enhancement". (I really have no idea how much brining adds, but let's say 10%). Brining works by equilibrium and osmosis. So if you start with a raw, fresh turkey with 0% enhancement and you brine you end up with 10% enhancement due to the brine.

IF, on the other hand, you start with a turkey that has been "enhanced with up to 5% salt solution" and you brine it for 18-24 hours, you'll end up with what? Yep....a 10% enhanced bird. Because the whole process of brining first extracts any salt in the meat (whether natural or previously enhanced) and THEN through equilibrium, the salt level equalizes between the brine and the meat, yielding flavorful turkey meat. I don't think that brining an enhanced bird makes the turkey way more overly salty. I think you don't get AS MUCH improvement by brining an enhanced bird, but you still get benefit. They say "up to 3%", so what actual percentage of the bird got "enhanced" Who knows?

Now.....these are just my thoughts on this. I really have no concrete evidence to defend this right now, other than what I've read and learned along the way. Someone could pop in here and tell me I'm off my rocker.

All I know is that I've brined enhanced and non-enhanced birds and they both turn about the same: AWESOME.
I'd love to hear some more opinions on this. I have an 8% enhanced turkey I plan to cook next week. I won't be injecting, but I'm hesitant to brine as I thought the 8% + brine + some salt in my rub would make for way too much sodium.

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