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Originally Posted by Rich Parker View Post
Well there is enforcement if the rep or someone sees it and brings it to the rep they can enforce the rule.

I see it as every other law in society. It is against the law to speed but the only way I am going to get a ticket is if a police office (in our case rep) or another citizen (in our case another team) watches me speed and reports it.

Rules are made for the general society to follow. You will always have someone that will break that rule and if we police ourselves than that pool will be reduced.
Except in PGA golf. They still play by an honor system where their word means something. I have seen several instances this year where a PGA pro was disqualified after they admitted to making a rule infraction that the marshalls didn't see. I have yet to see a BBQ Pro admit to parting pork or reheating pork (I have seen it this year) after it comes off of the cooker. I just cook my cook and let the chips fall where they may and try to play within whatever rules KCBS sets. I think they do a pretty good job at it and we will figure it out in 2014 I guess.
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