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Default How can I be 100% sure my smoked turkey won't taste like ham?

Hey guys and gals,

I'm pretty new to smoking, and sometimes my spatched chickens turn out tasting a little hammy with just rub and oversmoking them (usually hickory and sometimes a mix of hickory and applewood). Definitely my fault, as I'm still learning. I'm planning on doing the turkey on the OTS this year, and I just want to be 100% sure I am not going to screw this up and have it taste like ham.

My chica does not like the smoke profile of anything but hickory on poultry, and I think this in particular is what is making the birds a little hammy tasting ( I would prefer to just use applewood, but she thinks THAT is what makes it taste like him). Good grief

I'm scared of trying brining thinking that will exacerbate the problem with the salt/curing effect of the brine, so I just want to inject and use some kind of spicy rub/injection combo.

What can you masters of the thin blue suggest?
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