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Default A little butt action on a Sunday.....w/Pron

So, got woke up around 7 this morning when the kids decided it was time for them to get up. Got them settled, then proceeded to get the UDS ready for a butt i had ready to go. First i got the butt out to let it get a little closer to room temp before I put it on the smoker.
Next got the UDS running around 275-290(always fluctuates) and put it on with no probe in the meat for a few hours. This was about 8:45. When 12:45 hit i decided to go take a peak and put a probe in to see where she's at. Here it is right before i put the probe in.
I put the fat cap up this time(first time i believe) and stuck the probe right in and closed the lid. After a minute or two i got to thinking that i really didnt like the way the fat cap was looking and i should just turn it over now, instead of worrying if I should or shouldnt have and regretting it later. So, i turned it over and really liked what i saw.
Of course it started raining while all of this was going on, so i made a little hood out of some sheet metal to keep the water out. Worked great too.
Finally the temp came up to about 202 before i realized she was done at about 4:35. So, about an 8 hour smoke and all turned out well. First time not foiling and no complaints here.

And, last but not least. Here is a pic of the butt after its pulled. YUMMY!

Thanks for reading and happy smoking!!
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