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I pulled it off at 3:00 and the maverik said 209. Good news is it finally probed without resistance......probed like butter...... bad news is i think it was clarified butter. I am afraid its a tad bit over and now pushing pot roast texture judging by the way the point sliced and cubed so i am worried about the end result on the flat, time will tell. I will say that the moisture content of the point was out of this world. Extremely juicy, more so than i have ever had in the past. Anyhow I let the flat vent for 10-12 minutes then rewrapped it in double layered heavy foil and tossed it in the pre warmed cooler with some towels. It will remain there until its time to eat, 5 or 6 pm so until then so that will be a 2-3 hour rest. Below are a few more pics.

As it came off the Yoder and unwrapped

Here is the point separated

Here is the point sliced about an inch thick

The point, photo taken from the opposite end

The point all cubed up, notice it stranding a bit

The cubed point with some extra Bovine Bold and some KC style sauce before tossing together and getting back on the yoder to set the sauce

[SIZE=3][COLOR=red][B]There's Room For All Of God's Creatures!!! Right Next To The Mashed Potatoes!!![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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