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Updated pics. I decide to wrap it in foil this time. I pulled it off around 11:20 when it was at 167 IT and brought it in and wrapped it. It looks really good, i think adding the trimmings above the brisket contributed to the bark a good bit and hopefully the moisture. Wont know if it truly worked out until its time to dig in. I also added one can of campbells beef broth when i foiled it.
The only thing i am wondering/worrying about at this point is that it hasnt seened to hit a stall yet and its right at noon and the IT on two different probes is showing 190 and 194. So i dont know what to think about that other than i just wasnt paying attention when it hit the wall and it might have pushed right on through it really quickly.

This is what it looked like when i pulled it to wrap it at 167 IT. The fat trimmings rendered down nicely. I think if a person didnt want to wrap at all through the whole cook this would even be more beneficial as they continue to render.

Here it is before wrapping.

And wrapped and back on the YS640
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