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Call me a hippie, but I've read that simply liberally salting a bird(dry brine), covering it, and putting it in the fridge is just as good (if not better) than wet brining. Its a lot easier to manage than a couple gallons of brine!

Brining helps flavor the bird and protect it from drying out. If you can manage to get the thigh meat to 165 without getting the breast above 150, brining isn't needed, or so they say..

Source (lenghty read):

Easy. Use kosher salt. Salt your meat liberally (it should look like a light snowfall on the bird). Place the bird on a plate in the fridge overnight and loosely cover it with plastic or cheesecloth. Rinse if desired to remove excess surface salt (I skip this step because I like salty skin). Pat dry. Roast as desired. For even better results, carefully separate the skin from the breast and thighs and rub the salt directly on the meat, under the skin.
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