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Default First Packer on the Yoder YS640

I got a hold of a 12.5 lb Angus Choice packer from Sams Club. I trimmed it down the best i could and shaved the fat cap to 1/4" or a little less. I injected it with Kosmos brisket injection around noon (first time for this as well) then let it sit in the fridge until about 11:30 PM. I pulled it out then gave it a real lite coat of mustard to help hold the rub and hopefully promote a little more bark. I started the YS640 at about 11pm and set it for 180. At about 10 minutes after midnight i placed it on the lower grate, shoved a probe in it and closed the lid. Decided to do some cleanup after making a mess, opened the fridge to put the mustard away and seen the fat trimmings in a tub that i saved for no real reason. Decided what the heck it will either make it or break it so i put the second rack in place and distributed the fat trimmings above the brisket. Previously i had decided on fat side up but after doing some recent reading on the subject i decided to try this one fat cap down, with hesitation. I guess placing the fat trimmings above the brisket will help me get over it. I am prepared for a total failure since the whole shebang is new or new process, new smoker, first packer, first injection, fat cap down, first time using plowboys bovine bold, trimmings over brisket for drippings. We shall see! I plan to let it ride till morning then up the smoker temp to 225 degrees and go from there. I havent decided if when it comes time to wrap if i am going to foil it and add some beef broth or wrap it in butcher paper. I am torn on which way to go. I guess when it gets to about 160 i will flip a coin or ask my 7 year old. I will try to post pics as the cook progresses. Thanks

Trimmed Up and Injected with Kosmos Brisket Injection at noon.

Slathered and rubbed at about 11:30 PM

Placed in the YS640 at midnight set to 180 degrees

Covered up with the fat trimmings

[SIZE=3][COLOR=red][B]There's Room For All Of God's Creatures!!! Right Next To The Mashed Potatoes!!![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

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