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Originally Posted by JMSetzler View Post
Salt is salt unless you are using some sort of flavored salt. Kosher salt, sea salt, and table salt, as well as most other types of salt, are primarily sodium chloride (NaCl.) The reason you see different amounts used when using different types of salt is because of the coarse nature of some salts or the crystal density. If you measure salt by weight rather than by volume, you would use the same weight in any recipe.

That being said, there is no salt that is 'saltier' than another salt when you are using the same weight measurement. When you are mixing a salt with other ingredients for a rub, I would not hesitate to say that your palate won't be able to detect any difference from one type of salt to another.
Don't tell the salt fanatics, who pay big bucks for gourmet salts. I have a few friends who will argue to death with you over NaCl. I agree with you -- when mixed with other ingredients of a rub, any subtle differences are lost. I keep sea salt, kosher salt, and table salt (not iodized) around. I can taste subtle differences of various salts due to minerality (as evidenced by the different colors). I can't tell any difference when in a rub. Maybe a supertaster can, but not me. I'd like to see double blind studies from those who advocate otherwise. NaCl, it's what's for dinner.
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