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Default 1st UDS Brisket, KISS!

An acronym and my style. So, for my first ever brisket, not to mention using my UDS, I followed that outline of the "Basic Brisket Tutorial". Simple rub, and got my UDS going around 10 last night. I'm very happy the way it turned out, you all know the steps, so I'll just show some pic's. Thanks to those here who have contributed to the knowledge base here, that helps first timers like me enjoy sucess. I will mention that I was very impressed, with how the UDS held temp, with the outside temp below 40 last night. Filled my basket and finished the 13 hour cook with slightly less then half a basket. Very Cool!

I wrapped the flat to slice later for the French Dip sandwiches I've got planned. All the trimmings went into a skillet, along with some onion and Worcestershire sauce to make some Au Jus.
I"ll take pictures of the sandwiches later. thanks for looking!
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