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somebody shut me the fark up.

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I want to point out, as I have been receiving thanks for this...I have been doing not a whole lot, other than asking other people to do stuff. Here is what I know...

Motoeric has been kicking azz, making calls, getting donors and doing it all behind the scenes. If this comes off, he deserves a big call out. If it doesn't, it sure as heck wasn't his fault.

Marty Leach has donated hours of his time to the effort, making calls and doubling the money we have, including getting the cooking end taken care of.

Dave and Deny, of Bart's Blazin' Q have committed so much, Dave has insisted that he be allowed to run the cook, as he wants so badly to cook for these people, and Deny is planning on using their catering equipment, so the troops and families eat off of real service.

BBQ Grail has taken the initiative and is working with the National Guard, making the calls and arranging the schedule.

I sit around, eating cookies and asking people to do stuff, and they do it. People are committing their spouses, kids, resources is a busy time of year. I think many of these people understand that some of these people will be seeing their family come back together in just the right moment, but, others will be sending mom or dad off to 'who knows where' right when you want them at home. I appreciate the kudos, but, am going to spread them around generously.

Oh, and these products are being given to us. And not one of them has asked for recognition:
Head Country Sauce and Rubs
Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
Bart's Blazin' Q BBQ sauce
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