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Default Overnight cook, how long should I go?

I started a 9 lb pork butt last night at midnight. Running the smoker at 225, planned for a nice long slow cook. Checked it at 4:30am and the maverick said it was already at 189. Had a minor freak out but I must have hit a bone, because I checked it with the thermapen and it was really at 180. Maverick agreed once I moved the probe a bit.

I was really surprised that it hit 180 in only 4 1/2 hours. WTF? I was expecting it to be more like 160. Anyway, I checked again around 6am and it was at 190, where it still is. So it's been 9 hours, and it's been at 190 for at least 3 hours. How long and how high should I let it go? I'd really rather have it done later in the day, not early. If I foil it, which don't normally do, can I keep it on longer without killing it?

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