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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Yeah it's insulated well. I did heating and air in my pre restaurant days so pretty good with figuring out all the refrigeration stuff. Knew all that work would come in handy one day! Unfortunately we can't figure out what the people were thinking putting the hottest part next to the coldest part. So I'm sure we will pay a small fortune dealing with that. OK the coolest part of this building? My grandfather managed this place 30 years ago and was my dad's first job. It's got character! Although it will look completely different VERY soon. We went to an auction a few weeks ago and got quite a few pieces of equipment and all the tables and chairs for a steal. Flooring in the dining area will be changed. The windows will all be tinted because you couldn't sit in the front without sunglasses it's so bright and would cost a small fortune to keep cool in the summer. Where you see the bar area we will be installing a wall between that and the kitchen to block it off and create a serving area. We cut a spot in the bar area today to make it easier for flow for servers to come and go the bar top will OF COURSE be changed. I will try to get more pictures but I have to say i'm ashamed how long it took me to figure out how to put an image on here. Working on a logo as well. DID I MENTION THERE'S A MILLION THINGS TO DO?!?!? Every time I check something off 5 more things seem to be added to the list. The serving area I have in the picture is actually only half of what's there there is another mirror image of that on the other side of the building so we will be able to seat app. 80-90 people. The two doors you see on the cooler connected to the line will also no longer be there.
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