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So, here's my opinion for whatever it's worth:

You'll hear it over and over again, "It's the cook, not the cooker," and "BBQ is in the [taste] of the beholder."

YOU are the deciding factor in how your cook turns out.

The only question you need to ask yourself about what cooker to get is, "How much do I like and want to play with fire?" and "How much food do I want to cook at one time?"

A stick burner will usually require much more fire management than a cabinet smoker, Weber Smokey Mountain, UDS or similar model smoker.

If you like to manage temps by managing the fire directly, by stoking, banking, and adding or subtracting combustibles, then you'll love a good stick burner.

If you want more of a set it and forget it, and you're tired of the pellet smokers, then a cabinet smoker, WSM or UDS is probably more your speed.

Flavor and texture can be controlled in any cooker through pre-cook prep (rubs, brines, marinades, injections, etc.), wood combinations and cook time @ a particular temp.

I can smoke a Thanksgiving turkey in anything from a $20,000 commercial rotisserie smoker to a $20 Walmart kettle and one will be just as good as the other (or bad, depending your taste preference). All you need is a combustion source to generate heat and something enclosed to keep the smoke in. All the rest is just "cooking aids."

So, get the cooker that jives best with your preferred style of cooking and go with it.

Like I said... that's just my opinion.
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