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Well the first run with butts on the FEC is complete. I did 7 butts on Monday night. I put them on at 9:45pm at 225 degrees. They were huge butts 10 to 12lb average. I slept a full night at 7am they were 161 degrees, at noon they were still only 183 so I bumped the pit temp up to 260 because I had to leave with them at 2pm for a school fundraiser. I pulled them from the cooker at 1:50pm and they were at 194 degrees so they spent right at 15 hours in the FEC. Color was great I'd give them a 10 there, texture and tenderness another 10 they were on the money. Aroma gets a 10 as well. Taste ........ well the jury is a little confused here. I want to say there was not enough smoke but i know that is not so because 15 hour in smoke and a good smoke ring was there. There was a taste difference and I'm not going to say bad better or worse but just a difference that I can't put my finger on yet. I used the Cookshack hickory pellets that came with the cooker (burnt 20lbs in 16 hours also) I believe the difference is that the FEC is getting it's heat from fire instead on a coal base and that it is burning much cleaner by doing so. I also think that the wood pellets are much fryer than firewood that I use and I think that makes some difference. Another factor is my Lang and my other offset have either a tuning plate or reverse flow plate that is extremely hot that rendered fat drips on to and and produces some of the smoke good or bad as well where the FEC has no heat from below and does not produce this effect. Over all I think I can work things out to produce a great quality on the FEC. I'm going to play around with a few different wood pellets and see what happens. Ultimatley with my business growing I need some sleep and can not continue to wor 36 hours straight 2 and 3 days a week and try to work a full time job on top of that so the FEC is going to be very nice. I posted a few pic's below but the pic's do not do the color justice. I turned the top 2 fat cap up as they suggest and the rest are cap down.

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