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Been Studying this monster thread for a few weeks now. Wow, what a compilation! Anyway, I went ahead jumped in and put together my own version. Got the Barrel for free. The inside was lined w/ the translucent brown coating. Removing that was by far the hardest part. Otherwise everything else was pretty simple. Didn't get pics of the coal basket. I'll post pics of it later. It is a store-bought basket (from Garden Ridge) mounted to a cheap disposable charcoal grill from Wally World. The basket is about 11" to 12" in diameter and about 9" to 10" tall. My first seasoning burn was good for about 7.5 hours. The first hour was just dialing in the temp and getting it stabilized. So really it was only good for about 6.5 hours. I plan to build another larger basket, for longer burns. Also plan to 'personalize' a little more....

Thanks for all of the insight, brethren.


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