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Default I need help with tiny 4oz lobster tails

How do you guys cook these? They are tiny Canadian ones I think that I got on sale for $5 each. They were supposed to go into some mac and cheese, but since my chica won't eat mac and cheese, I thought I'd save them for her and grill them with some buffalo sirloins for me.

I always overcook the darn things, and last time I ruined bigger and more expensive ones with alder wood chips grilled on the smokey joe. The alder was way too sweet and sure was gross.

I'm planning on doing them with some small buffalo sirloins on the smokey joe - probably throw some mesquite chips in - we only like mesquite with seafood like salmon and crab.

What do you guys think - indirect to about 140? That's all I could gather from the search so far...
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