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Once I got the smoker home I did a few test cooks to verify the issues I was pretty sure existed and to identify any others that might exist. I then put it in the shop to get things taken care of.
Original pics:

  • seal welded everything- there were several places that had skip welds. I was most concerned about the ones around the firebox as it allow some air leaks but the welders also filled in the rest
  • moved firebox opening up 1.5", which is still too low but is as high as it can be moved.
  • removed expanded metal over opening into chamber from firebox
  • lowered fire grate to 3" above bottom of firebox
  • replaced fire grate with 1/4" cor-ten fire grate
  • finished and cleaned up all openings for pinwheel dampers – the cutouts for the dampers were done by torch and left some rough metal in obstruction of the air path
  • added 3rd pinwheel damper in back of firebox
  • added handle on trailer tongue
  • replaced jack with one that folds up out of the way and has a wheel
  • added 1/2" couplings for thermometers in the door and in the rib box and have better gauges on order
  • leveled up the top cooking grate in the main box (it was over an inch out of parallel with the bottom one)
  • added side dampers to the grill
  • added a counter weight to the main cook chamber lid – the door was quite heavy and this will make life much easier
  • replaced the stack outlet damper with a better one with a linkage that can be easily reached from the ground
  • replaced the handles on the lid with 2 on the outside edges so it didn't get in the way of the shelf – the original handle would have crushed anything left sitting on the shelf when the lid was closed
  • added handles to the cooking grates.
  • added latches to the main door both to help seal the unit and to deter people from opening it during cooks
  • painted the whole thing with industrial high heat black

I am sure we will come up with a few more things to do to it after our first competition with it but I am very pleased with how it turned out and I can’t wait to fire it up. Special thanks to GT-Q for his knowledge and assistance with the project.

mods still to come:
ash pan for the fire box
water pan for the rib box
seals for the door
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