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Default Smoking with no smoker Part 2

Once again, the weekend descended on me and I wasn't able to get my smoker finished. Still awaiting some parts, AND the band had a couple shows to do, so time just wasn't in my favor. Also...once again my family wanted me to grill and smoke some food AND my friend whom borrowed my patio smoker for a family event still hasn't returned it. (I'm beginning to think he's trying to keep it...haha), SO like last weekend, I made do with the grill.

Sunday, I cooked some hamburgers, while laying out the other meat I would smoke. As soon as the burgers were finished, I let the other stuff smoke for several hours using Stubbs charcoal and some cherry wood. Among this was some jalepeno/bacon wraps and my very first fatty.

For the first time fatty, I took hamburger meat and put shredded chedder and swiss cheese. Then I layered on some jalepeno slices, some bacon bits (real bacon bits), and rolled her up. I kept it a naked bacon on the outside. Also, I wrapped it in foil to heat up a bit while cooking the burgers. Once the burgers were off and the smoking began...I unwrapped it and let it smoke. Wonderful!!

Also, on Veterans day, I smoked some pork chops and a piece of chicken for the wifey. Good, good. I still want my smoker back, though. Lol.

Bacon Wraps ready to go on....
Attachment 87490

Fatty rolled...
Attachment 87491

Fatty prepped...
Attachment 87492

Grill Full...
Attachment 87493

Happy Veteran's Day
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