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Originally Posted by bunchde View Post
I've had the 22.5 WSM with a DigiQ DX2 for a couple months. I'm having trouble keeping the pit up to temperature. During the last couple hours of the cook, the fan blasts non stop and temps stay below 200. I have to open vents in order to get the temp up. Plus the fan blowing nonstop seems to be blowing ashes around which tend to get on the food. There is plenty of briquettes in the smoker, so it's not running out of fuel. And if I have to mess with the vents, what's the point in spending $$ on the DX2? Any suggestions? Maybe don't use the water pan? Very frustrating.
If the fan is running constantly then you are having problems producing heat, maybe there is an air flow issue, maybe the charcoal is burning out losing the ability to produce heat, or maybe the charcoal is damp as "ccarter" suggested.

With the BBQ Guru DX2 there is no need to adjust the intake vents, in fact opening them would be counter-productive to the cook. Your top vent should always be open and once at the set temperature the fan will pulse for a moment but not run continually.

Keep in mind that briquettes do produce much more ash than lump charcoal. Once you have your charcoal loaded light a large handful of charcoal in the chimney and dump in center of the unlit charcoal with your scattered wood chunks. The charcoal will burn outward keeping an even burn and consistent temperature.

I have a much larger cooker and an 8 pound load of charcoal will burn for 14+ hours maintaining perfect temperatures. It should be no problem for the WSM to do the same.

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