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I am glad that you are happy with your purchase since I got the "blame." I think that you will grow to like it more and more.

I have a similar problem with the door thermometer and I want to calibrate it to find out if it is reading correctly. I am more trusting of the Guru to be accurate.

To clean up the firebox, I just take the ashes out and dump them. Make sure that there aren't any live embers.

I like using the weed burner best to light my Assassin. I usually open up the cooking chamber and burn off the crud on the grates to help sterilize them and them I also run the burner on the walls to preheat the chamber. This causes the smoker to not take quite so long to get up to temp. Then I start my fire with the burner pointed up into the fire box. It only takes 4-5 minutes to get the charcoal going well. After the smoker gets up to temp, I throw in my smoking wood.

I think that the weed burner is worth it. You can get them at Harbor Freight for $20 or a self igniting one for $30. They are always running coupons in the paper to help you save a few bucks. I have also used a handheld propane torch and it does a good job, but I like the weed burner best.

Enjoy your smoker!
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