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Default Modified Stick Burner

I had to scrap my old stick burner earlier this year as it was just flat worn out and the repairs were too much

I picked up a Char-Broil Silver on CL for $20. The side box was never used, in fact the previous owner put the hinge on the door backwards and it would not open.
Attachment 87458
I fixed the hinge, cleaned it up and decided to add a diffuser plate
Attachment 87459
left it solid a few inches at the fire box side and then offset pattern of holes getting progressivly larger
Attachment 87460
I really liked the Yoder that Nucornhusker got and how he tested if the heat was even
I took a guess at what I thought would work being conservative on the smaller end so I could enlarge if needed
Attachment 87461
Built a fire to season it up
Attachment 87462
Got the cheapest Walmart biscuits for the test (Thanks for the idea Nucornhusker)
Attachment 87463
At the turn it was cooking more on the exhaust side so I flipped ends
Attachment 87464
The first 75% was real even heat and the last 25% was about 10 degrees hotter. I may leave it this way and try some cooks so I can use the hotter area if needed. I can add holes on the left or enlarge the ones already there if needed.

I thought I would just toss out the test biscuits but I tasted one and they were smokey awesome. I threw on some bacon for a quick snack
Attachment 87465

took the rest to work and they were gobbled up!
I think this mod will work out just fine! SD
A bunch of stuff to build a Fire so I can hang out and Smoke, Grill, or cook with!
More stuff for Cutting, Grinding, Stuffing, Canning and so on!
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