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Default My Beef Stew

Originally, I just wanted to make an oxtail stew. I love the chewy, gelatinous tendons and the marrow. However, after finding out how expensive oxtail is, I realized I could just get more tendon from beef tendons, and more marrow from beef shank, both of which cost half as much as oxtail.

Smoked the beef (with mesquite) while I was making chicken stock from the remains of a smoked chicken. Then I braised the beef with the stock, worcestershire sauce, carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, jalapeños and various herbs/spices.

The braise was finished in the oven because my charcoals started dying, and I didn't want to deal with lighting more coals.

On the smoker:

Chopped veggies:

Off the smoker:

Begin the braise:



mmm... bone marrow:


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