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Found some matches.
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I ran a load of hardwood charcoal today for the seasoning. A long probe thermometer stuck in the exhaust says it got up to 300. I tried closing the intakes to about 1/4 open as the temperature rose past 200, but it went to 300 and stayed, even fully closed. After 2 hours I opened up the intakes and let it go up to 350 for around an hour. We had some running to do, so I closed intake and exhaust 100% - except the small bit where the thermometer was stuck in. We got home about 5 hours later, temp was below 100, and there was nearly no charcoal left, just a few bits still glowing. Not a lot of ash in the Webber grill wok. I'll have a look to see if there is much under the wok.

The higher temp - 300 - the chimney load was the end of the bag with a lot of crumbs and smaller pieces. Plus the oily paper towels used to coat the inside with veg oil. I also didn't have the water pan in the smoker.
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