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Default off set trailer smoker need help.

I have a smoker about the same size as a Lang 60. I am having problems with keeping the temp up with longer cooks like 5 hour ribs and cant imagine if i would do a butt. Any input would be appreciated.
I am a novice offset smoker and my previous smoker is a BGE.
Here is what i have been doing: I load up the firebox in a cross stacked manner to the top. Using a weed burner I get it going well with all the doors open. In about 45 mins I'm cruising at 275 or so with a nice bed of coals. I will throw on a piece of wood about 12 inches long and diameter of a coke can about every half hour or as i see the other one burning down. The problem is that I lose my nice coal bed and now left with logs burning that i have to keep the firebox open to get enough air flow to keep a clean fire without the nasty smoke.
I tried searching the threads for fire building and maintaining 101 but keep getting threads for the brinkman smokers.
I have smoked up some nasty meat trying to maintain temp.
Again, I apologize for the elementary question but I am stumped.
Thank You all
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