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Default Brisket cooked on the Pit Barrel Cooker (W/Pron)

Here is my second cook with my Pit Barrel Cooker (Barry) which I have had since the first week of October. For this cook I decided I wanted to try a brisket since I had not done any for a long while so I bought a 12 Lb. packer. Since I have already done ribs on Barry and they came out pretty good I decided to give brisket a try based on Noah's videos. I trimmed most of the top side fat off including silver skin, and also trimmed all the deckle fat between the point and flat which pretty much ripped the point to shreds. I then injected it with Butchers Prime injection using the following ratio:

3/8 cup of Butchers BBQ Prime injection for beef
1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of Swanson low sodium beef broth

I injected all over the brisket point and flat trying to use a checkboard pattern, injected in the sides of the flat and in the sides of the point before putting it to bed in the fridge. I pulled it out and rub it with Butchers Premium rub before hooking it and cooking it on the barrel. I plan to cook hanging for 2.5 - 3 hours to get some color and apple smoke before wrapping it and cooking on the wire grate to finish cooking to 195. Here is the first pic for this series which is the trimmed and injected brisket ready to hit the fridge. Hopefully the Butchers stuff will work great for me and if so I have high hopes for the pork butts that I also have butchers injection and rub for them.

I started the grill around 11:15 that morning and cooked the brisket hanging for 1 hour and 45 minutes then checked the temperature. Thermapen showed around 154 in the point and mid 140's in the flat so I went ahead and pulled it and wrapped it. After wrapping I cooked it an additional 1 hour and 45 minutes and checked the temps again. This time the thermapen was showing 205-210 all the way across the flat and point.

I let it rest about an hour or so still foiled before slicing it up. When I tasted a little bit of the meat before I wrapped it I thought that I had gone overboard with the Butchers Premium Rub but after it was done and sliced up the meat was perfectly seasoned and I even got a rousing stamp of approval from the wife and she normally only complains about what I smoked on the grill.

Rubbed and hooked ready to smoke

Forgot to take pictures before I wrapped it so here is after it was done and rested and ready to slice

Here is the pile of sliced brisket

I even got a smoke ring

Here is the point all sliced up
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