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OK....I beat my meat.....
Wait. Let me start over.

I've tenderized the beef, ground up some pepper and Kosher salt. The meat had almost no marbling, so I added some small pats of butter in rows. Then I rolled it and pinned it with toothpicks.

Also having a small pork tenderloin. That got some herbs and EVOO.

Both are wrapped in wax paper and are sitting in the fridge until we get back from church. I'll do my best not to occupy my mind with food while the Pastor is giving the sermon.

When we get back home, I'll find out how to braise, that sounds like a good idea. But maybe I've done it before and didn't know what it was called? Who knows.

Here's the before shots:

"Do not eat the meat raw or boiled in water, but roast it over a fire." - Exodus 12:9
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