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Default Cheap charcoal Brinkmann vertical mods

I recently got a new Brinkmann vertical charcoal smoker - 68 bucks on Amazon.
I missed the bit about seasoning, but I started two Boston Butts that were only rubbed with a random mix of whatever we have in the cabinets.

I finished them wrapped in foil, on the grill.

The smoker did have the low temperature/no air to the charcoal pan issue. No idea how accurate the original thermometer might be. It only hit 225 maybe once fore a few minutes.

Today I started some mods. A Webber stainless steel grill wok (19 bucks) for the new charcoal pan, with 1/4-20 stainless screws for legs.

Felt weather stripping (17' @ 2.60) around three sides of the doors. I will do the fourth sides when/if I add external hinges.

Since winter is coming fast, I wanted to keep the heat more contained, rather than letting it be whipped away in the wind. I got a few sheets (3 @ 6.50 each) of aluminized corrugated cardboard. Made for insulating between joists where heat ducts may cause hot spots. Currently the cut pieces are held on with duct tape, covering the top and three sides. The doors will be done if the rest works. Since I shouldn't actually have a fire in the smoker, the cardboard shouldn't be a risk.

I'll add a couple pictures tomorrow.

If there is a problem, what would anybody recommend for a layer of fireproof insulation?

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