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Default A question about steak

I've always assumed that steak grades were based on the amount of fat marbling. Is there more to the story?

The reason I ask is because I bought a big ribeye roast the other day and it had great fat marbling throughout. I could've spent an extra $2.00 per pound for an Angus roast, but it didn't seem necessary.

I cut the roast into a dozen BEAUTIFUL looking steaks. But I've cooked four of them so far and every single one has been tough. Not gristly... just... not tender... sort of hard to chew.

Any ideas what's going on? Do I need to smoke these suckers like brisket? (I normally sear my steaks over very high heat until they are medium rare, but I'm willing to try something new. Either that or the damn dog is going to eat like a king for the next few months...)
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