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Originally Posted by Hozman View Post
I am very technically challenged but do have a question.

I have ATT Uverse internet with a 2wire router/modem combo already.

Do I need another router or can I just use this one so I have access from work and such?

My thought is when I am doing comps I will be in Adhoc mode anyway. Just want ability to use Cyber Q when at work, running errands, ect
you just need to be able to get into the router to manage it. I haven't bought a cyber q yet, but I know from my profession you will most likely need to set up port forwarding to allow internet traffic through to that cyber q. If you don't, the router will keep any incoming traffic out for security.
as far as the encryption type, you will.have to read if it can handle special characters in the password and find what encryption it can do, ie wpa2 personal w\aes, wep, etc.
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