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Default Probe doneness

We get a lot of threads on here asking when something is done. Each of us have our own theories/processes that work for us and so forth. For example, I am a hard-nosed "its done when it probes like butter" kind of guy.

But I got to thinking... I know there have been times I have pulled stuff that probed tender, but not as tender as it could have been. Other times I have been busy, forgot or what ever and the Q stayed on longer than I originally anticipated and it turned out marvelous.

This lead me to wonder... In relation to full packer brisket and/or pork butt... how hard do you have to work at it to OVER COOK either of those items? Maybe I have missed these threads, but I seldom hear of "oh my brisket is over done". It is usually the opposite, the brisket is tough cause it is under-cooked or the pork was tough cause it didn't go as long as it should have.

I am sure it has been done, but I just think it would be hard to do unless you are cooking hot and fast and keep it on WAY too darn long.
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