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For the starter - mix 50/50 flour and water in a jar, maybe 20g flour to 20ml water, put the lid on and leave on a counter for 12 hours. Jars with plastic lids that have those cardboard inserts in them work great once you take the cardboard out as they're not airtight. Once every 12 hours throw away virtually all of the mixture and top it up with more flour and water. After a few days you should start to see bubbles forming, when it gets good and bubbly you're ready to go, you can keep it in the fridge and feed it once a week with flour and water. Note that bleached flour is no good for doing this, you're better of starting with wholemeal flour and once you've got the starter active you can switch to feeding it all purpose flour. Never wash the jar and try to keep a good amount (if you need more then just feed it more flour and water to 'grow' it)

The pancakes (serves 2) -
Mix 100g of starter with 150g of flour and 150ml of water, cover and leave on the counter overnight (even better, make this mix 24 hours before you want your pancakes) the longer you leave it the better the flavour will be as the yeast and bacteria grow and ferment
5tbsp olive oil
2tbsp fine sugar
A pinch of salt
1 egg
1tsp bicarbonate of soda/baking soda

Stir in the soda just before you want to cook them and try not to disturb the mix too much when ladling/pouring so you preserve the air bubbles
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