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Originally Posted by peeps View Post
Instead of delaying for the Coke fountain machine, could you just sell cans or bottles for a week or 2? But I guess what's another couple weeks, eh?
I already thought about that. If they are true with the two week timeframe, that's fine since it will probably take that long to tie up all the loose ends with employees, training, inspections, etc. But if there is a snag and the machine won't be coming on time, I will certainly sell bottles or cans if it means getting the doors open sooner.

Originally Posted by coastal View Post
Are you going to hang some art on the walls? A local q place had a sleek look like that and about 2 weeks into business people started signing his walls. It wasn't a idea he had but it has became a thing for customers to sign a little message. Review the food or just sign their name all over the place.
That's a pretty neat idea. Not sure I'd want people writing on the walls I labored on for days though. Actually, I'm a bit of a part-time photographer, so the plan was to get some local photos I've done framed and filling out some of the bare spots on the wall.
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