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Originally Posted by DENALI View Post
Nice! What is the O.D. of the smoke stack? I like the idea of sleeving the stack although i think i would have had them weld the collar to the removable part of the stack rather than the elbow but i am betting they didnt ask your opinion on that one. I might have even had them sleeve it before the elbow. Either way it would make it handier for storage in your trailer.
It's a 5" stack. I would have sleeved it on the removable part as well so that water wouldn't run into the unit. Not a big deal since it's under my patio and will be covered when not in use. I wanted the sleeve on the vertical so that I didn't have to worry about the stack rotating over or having to crank on set screws to keep it upright like on the YS640. I fabricate, so at some point I may alter it to a different configuration. For now it does exactly what I requested.
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